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With a mini necklift, patients who have noticed sagging skin and excess fat can achieve a sculpted and recontoured neck that looks more youthful. To learn more about what a mini necklift in Bellevue involves, patients can reach out to Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay.

What Is a Mini Necklift?

A mini necklift is a variation on the traditional necklift procedure. Unlike a full necklift, a mini necklift is less invasive, takes less time to complete, and involves less surgery. As a result, it creates less swelling and bruising and offers a quicker and easier recovery process.

This cosmetic procedure addresses loose neck skin, stubborn neck fat, and sagging neck muscles. These issues come about as a result of the aging process and dramatic weight changes. They can create additional cosmetic problems like a double chin and a turkey-wattle neck.

The mini necklift procedure will tighten the neck skin, tighten the platysma muscles, and along with submental liposuction, can remove the excess fat. This will result in tighter, younger-looking skin and a defined, sculpted neck.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Mini Necklift?

Patients with a smaller degree of excess skin are ideal candidates for a mini necklift. If a patient has a larger degree of excess neck skin, they may be more suitable for the traditional necklift procedure.

Patients with stubborn excess neck fat can also be good candidates, as can candidates with double chins or turkey-wattle necks.

Ideal candidates are in good health and have realistic expectations. Patients who are still recovering from a recent surgery are advised to wait until fully healed. Excessive smoking or drinking could also affect the final results of the procedure and thus must be avoided.

Your Consultation

Before patients can get a mini necklift, they will need to schedule a consultation. This will help patients understand what the procedure involves and what it can do for them. Their health will be discussed, and their neck will be examined to determine how best to address the issue. Patients can ask any questions they may have at this time.

Your Session

During the mini necklift session, the first step is the application of anesthesia. Next, a small incision is made below the chin and behind each ear, which gives access to the tissues.

Excess fat is removed using precise liposuction, and sagging muscles are tightened with internal sutures. Once the excess skin has been tightened and redraped, incisions are closed and dressings are applied.

Mini Necklift Aftercare

One of the benefits of a mini necklift in comparison to a full necklift is that the mini necklift technique requires a much shorter recovery period.

Following a successful mini necklift, patients will need to rest and recover. They will also need to follow the instructions provided for their medication, care for the affected area, and approved activities.

How Much Does a Mini Necklift Cost?

The cost of mini necklift procedures varies depending on the patient’s case. Prices will often be affected by the scope of the cosmetic neck issues being treated.

Contact Us for Your Mini Necklift Consultation

Patients can reach out to Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay to get more information about the mini necklift in Bellevue. Contact our office today to get started.

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