What is Facial Contouring?

Over time, it's not uncommon for individuals to notice fat accumulations in certain facial areas, especially around the neck, jowls, and beneath the chin. These fat deposits can obscure the naturally sharp angles of the neck and jawline. These localized fat pockets can persist even with a dedicated diet and exercise regimen. That's where facial lipocontouring steps in. Designed to address these specific concerns, the procedure restores a youthful and chiseled look to the face.

Is Facial Contouring right for you?

Ideal candidates for facial contouring in Seattle are those in good health with localized fat deposits in the face and neck. It is particularly beneficial for those who have achieved or are near their desired weight but struggle with stubborn fat in these areas. Importantly, candidates should approach the procedure with realistic expectations regarding its outcomes.

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What can Facial Contouring treat?

  • Double chin: Reduces fat accumulation under the chin.
  • Jowls: Targets sagging or droopy skin and fat around the jawline.
  • Neck fullness: Streamlines the neck by removing excess fat, enhancing its angle and profile.
  • Cheek puffiness: Reduces fatty bulges in the cheeks for a more sculpted appearance.
  • Undefined jawline: Helps carve out a more distinct and sharp jawline by eliminating fat deposits.
  • Facial asymmetry: Balances out uneven fat distribution, making a face look more symmetrical.
  • Localized fat pockets: Addresses stubborn facial fat that does not respond to diet and exercise.

What is the procedure?

Typically, facial contouring takes about an hour. After administering anesthesia for your comfort, small, strategic incisions are made in the targeted areas. A thin instrument, called a cannula, is then introduced to suction out the unwanted fat. Combining facial liposuction with other treatments like a facelift or neck lift will seamlessly integrate into the session.

What are the benefits of Facial Contouring?

  • Enhanced facial definition: Removes unwanted fat deposits, accentuating the face's natural contours.
  • Youthful appearance: Addresses signs of aging like sagging skin or jowls, creating a fresher look.
  • Minimal scarring: Small, strategically placed incisions result in minimal, virtually unnoticeable scars.
  • Quick recovery: Compared to more extensive surgeries, facial contouring typically has a shorter recovery time.
  • Long-lasting results: Once fat cells are removed, they don't regenerate in the treated area, ensuring long-term effects.
  • Boosted self-confidence: Achieving desired facial aesthetics can significantly improve self-esteem and body image.
  • Safe and effective: When performed by a qualified surgeon, the procedure is safe with predictable outcomes.
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Recovery Tips for Facial Contouring

  • Follow post-treatment instructions: Your healthcare provider will give you specific post-treatment instructions tailored to your procedure. Follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper healing and the best possible results.

  • Take prescribed medications: If your provider prescribes pain relievers or antibiotics, take them as directed to manage discomfort and prevent infection.

  • Apply cold compresses: Cold compresses can help reduce swelling and bruising in the treated areas. Use them as your provider recommends, typically in the first 24-48 hours following the procedure.

  • Avoid strenuous activities: For the first few days following treatment, refrain from vigorous exercise or activities that may increase blood flow to the face. This can help minimize swelling and promote healing.

  • Keep your head elevated: Sleeping with your head elevated on pillows can help reduce swelling and promote drainage of excess fluid from the treated area.

  • Stay hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, which can help with the healing process and minimize swelling.

  • Avoid sun exposure: Protect your skin from direct sunlight and UV radiation by wearing sunscreen and avoiding prolonged sun exposure, especially during the initial stages of recovery when your skin may be more sensitive.

  • Follow a gentle skincare routine: Use gentle cleansers and moisturizers recommended by your provider to keep your skin clean and hydrated during recovery. Avoid harsh skincare products or treatments that may irritate the skin.

  • Eat a healthy diet: Consuming a nutritious diet rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants can support healing and promote optimal results. Avoid foods and beverages that may increase inflammation or hinder recovery.

  • Attend follow-up appointments: Attend all appointments with your provider to monitor your progress, address any concerns, and ensure proper healing.

Facial Contouring FAQ

What is the recovery after Facial Contouring?

Post-procedure, expect to wear a compression garment on the treated areas for about a week, helping to minimize swelling and support the healing tissues. If sutures are employed, they will usually be removed within a week. The recovery period typically spans one to two weeks, depending on individual healing rates. Patients will receive detailed post-operative care instructions, and pain management will be addressed with prescribed medications.

It's essential to limit strenuous physical activities during the recovery phase. A follow-up visit will be scheduled within the month to track your healing progress and assess the results.

What is the cost of Facial Contouring?

The cost of the facial contouring procedure varies based on the specific areas being treated. Combining facial liposuction with other cosmetic procedures will influence the total investment.

Your facial refinement journey starts with a consultation

Every patient's facial structure and aesthetic desires are unique. During your consultation, the focus will be on understanding your specific goals. It's essential to share any prior treatments you've undergone and tell us about medications or supplements you take. The team at Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay will evaluate your concerns and, based on your objectives, propose the most fitting approach for you. This is also your opportunity to ask questions and understand the procedure thoroughly.

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Why choose Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay?

Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay stands out due to its commitment to achieving natural-looking, tailored results for every patient. Our expertise ensures that your facial contouring procedure is executed precisely, giving you the best possible outcome.

Your facial rejuvenation journey is just a step away. To inquire about facial contouring or to schedule your consultation, contact Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay. We're here to guide you every step of the way.

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