An elegant, sculpted neckline can be yours

The neck is a defining feature in overall facial appearance. As we age or undergo weight fluctuations, excess fat may accumulate in the neck, resulting in an undefined jawline and the appearance of a double chin. Neck lipocontouring presents an innovative solution to address these concerns, creating a more ideal sculpted neck and chin.

What is neck lipocontouring?

Neck lipocontouring is a specialized cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted fatty deposits from the neck and jawline area. This minimally invasive treatment refines the neck contour, enhancing its natural lines. The result? A rejuvenated and more defined neckline accentuating your natural beauty.

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About Dr. Liebertz

Dr. Liebertz is a renowned figure in facial plastic surgery, heralded for his surgical prowess and his ethical and compassionate approach to patient care. Having undergone rigorous education and training, he seamlessly blends the latest techniques with a keen aesthetic sensibility, ensuring natural-looking and enduring results. Safety is paramount for Dr. Liebertz; he meticulously adheres to medical protocols and emphasizes the importance of informed decisions. His reputation speaks volumes — consistently lauded for his transformative procedures, patients leave his care looking rejuvenated, refreshed, and unmistakably themselves.

What can neck lipocontouring treat?

Neck lipocontouring is a versatile procedure to resolve various aesthetic concerns in the neck region. Primarily, it targets stubborn fat deposits that may result in a double chin, obscuring the natural definition of the jawline. Furthermore, this procedure can effectively combat the early signs of neck sagging, often called “turkey neck.” Those experiencing skin laxity or a loss of contour due to age or weight fluctuations can find relief and rejuvenation through Neck Lipocontouring. Ultimately, the procedure offers a solution to those seeking a more chiseled and youthful neckline without undergoing extensive surgical interventions.

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Benefits of neck lipocontouring

  • Minimally invasive: Unlike traditional surgical methods, Neck Lipocontouring involves fewer incisions, resulting in less scarring and a quicker recovery.
  • Immediate results: Most patients notice a significant improvement immediately after the procedure, with the final results becoming more apparent as any swelling subsides.
  • Increased self-confidence: Achieving a sculpted neck can boost one’s self-esteem, making one feel younger and more vibrant.
  • Long-lasting outcomes: With a healthy lifestyle and regular maintenance, the results of Neck Lipocontouring can be enduring.

What is the procedure?

The procedure commences after a thorough consultation, in which Dr. Liebertz assesses the patient’s needs and desired outcomes. It typically involves local anesthesia, ensuring patients are comfortable and pain-free.

Small, discreet incisions are made beneath the chin or behind the ears. A thin tube, known as a cannula, is then inserted to suction out the unwanted fat cells. As the excess fat is removed, Dr. Liebertz carefully resculpts the area to ensure a natural and harmonious appearance. The procedure usually lasts less than 30 minutes, after which patients can return home.

What is the recovery time?

Post-procedure, it’s normal to experience some swelling and minor discomfort. Dr. Liebertz will provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and may recommend wearing a compression garment to minimize swelling and support healing. Most patients can resume normal activities within a few days, while more strenuous activities should be avoided for a couple of weeks.

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Why choose Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay for neck lipocontouring?

  • Patient safety protocols: Dr. Liebertz prioritizes patient safety, adhering strictly to every medical protocol. All procedures are conducted by licensed professionals in a state-certified Operating Room.
  • Natural artistry: Our patients consistently commend the natural and rejuvenating results they achieve. Dr. Liebertz’s refined techniques ensure that enhancements are subtle yet significant. If you seek a transformation that feels authentic to you, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Comprehensive care: Beyond our surgical expertise, our team is deeply committed to the well-being of each patient. We aim to provide a positive, uplifting, and rewarding experience from consultation to recovery.
  • Community connection: Our patients are integral members of our community, and we treat each individual with the care, respect, and compassion they deserve.

Groundbreaking aesthetic treatment: Neck lipocontouring

Neck lipocontouring offers a revolutionary approach to neck rejuvenation, allowing individuals to reclaim their youthful silhouette without extensive surgery. Whether seeking to address age-related changes or enhance your natural beauty, neck lipocontouring can provide transformative results.

At Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay, we’re dedicated to ensuring that every patient feels valued, heard, and understood. Dr. Liebertz’s expertise, combined with our team’s commitment to compassionate care, ensures that you’re in the best hands.

Interested in learning more about neck lipocontouring and how it can benefit you? Reach out to Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay in Kirkland. We can help you have a positive, empowering journey to a more refined and confident you.

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