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Signs of aging, stress, environmental factors, and unhealthy lifestyles can be addressed with Botox treatments. Botox in Bellevue can get rid of crow’s feet, horizontal forehead wrinkles, vertical lines between the brows, chin wrinkles, vertical neck bands, and more. With the help of these simple injections, patients can achieve a younger and more vibrant look.


I recently visited the office for the first time, attending a Botox lunch, and I cannot say enough about the staff, atmosphere, and overall experience. I saw Kari for injections, and she is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her job. She gave me valuable information on several different procedures offered, speaking firsthand. I will definitely be returning in the future and will recommend Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay to others.

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Who Can Benefit from Botox?

Patients who want to reduce signs of aging by making their wrinkles and creases less visible are ideal candidates for Botox treatments. It is especially helpful for patients who do not want to go under the knife and would instead prefer a completely non-surgical option.

Patients must be in good health, and patients who regularly drink or smoke too much would be advised to either cut back or quit the habits altogether to get the best results. Neurotoxins are approved for adults over the age of 18. Pregnant or breast-feeding women should not receive Botox or any neurotoxin injections.

If you have moderate or harsh midface wrinkles, it is best to have these treated with fillers rather than injectables for a variety of reasons. We offer a number of filler options.

How Does Botox Work?

Botox is an FDA-approved injectable neuromodulator derived from Clostridium botulinum bacterium. It is a form of neurotoxin. The substance prevents nerve signals from reaching the face’s overworked muscles.

This temporarily weakens the muscles in the affected area, which relaxes the area and evens out the overlying skin. As a result, signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines become less visible.

The injectable can be administered into multiple spots, with the dosage depending on the severity of the wrinkles and the number of spots that need to be treated. The whole treatment takes only a few minutes, as well.

Treatment Areas for Botox Injections

Not all areas can be treated with Botox injections. The treatment is usually performed in facial areas with fine lines and wrinkles, including the forehead, chin, nose, neck, sides of the eyes, and between the eyebrows.

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Your Consultation

Patients who want to get a Botox treatment will need to schedule a consultation first so that the treatment can be explained in detail. Their problem areas will be examined, and the effects of the injectable will be discussed, along with preparation and aftercare.

The patient’s medical history will also be discussed during their visit. This will include all past procedures, allergies, medications and supplements currently being taken, and pre-existing conditions.

How to Prepare for Botox Injections

Although the instructions given to the patient for preparation will vary depending on the treatment areas and treatment plan, there are still general instructions given to all patients:

  • Do not drink wine – Drinking wine, especially red wine, a week before treatment can increase the risk of facial bruising.
  • Do not take anti-inflammatory drugs – Anti-inflammatory drugs can cause bruising and discoloration, so these medications should be avoided a week before treatment if possible.
  • Avoid eating food with garlic – Garlic can increase the risk of bruising after treatment.
  • Use arnica – Arnica is a natural herb that can minimize bruising.

Your Session

A Botox treatment session can be done in the office and will not typically last longer than the patient’s lunch break. First, the treatment areas will be cleansed before being carefully marked as a guide for the injector. Topical or local anesthesia may be administered depending on the patient’s needs. Next, the injectable will be administered to the problem areas. Once this is done, the patient can then go back to their regular activities after a brief period of rest.

Botox Aftercare

Botox treatments don’t require any downtime or a recovery period. Aftercare instructions will be provided to the patient for safe and optimal results.

Patients will be advised not to squeeze or put pressure on the affected areas. Strenuous activities should also be avoided as much as possible right after the treatment. Avoid alcohol, makeup, and certain medications.

The full results can be seen seven to ten days after treatment. Results will last three to four months, depending on the lifestyle and skincare routine of the patient. Maintenance treatment can be scheduled to maintain the results for a longer period.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of a Botox treatment can depend on several factors, including the patient’s aesthetic goals. Prices can often differ based on the severity of the wrinkles and the number of injections required, as well. Maintenance treatments can also impact the overall cost of the procedure.

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Dr. Liebertz was one of only 46 surgeons worldwide selected for subspecialty fellowship training in Advanced Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Emory University in Atlanta. There, he was trained extensively by world-renowned rhinoplasty, facelift, and injectable surgeons. Dr. Liebertz is an expert in short recovery time facelifts, rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, facial injectables.

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