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At Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay, we understand the importance of choosing the right facelift surgeon in Kirkland. Choosing the right facelift surgeon has a major impact on all aspects of the procedure—it determines whether the patient will receive their desired results in a way that is safe and professional. Since it can feel like an overwhelming task, we’ve provided some of the key aspects of settling on the right facelift surgeon for you.

Board Certification

When selecting a surgeon for your facelift, it’s best to choose a board-certified facial plastic and reconstruction surgeon. These surgeons have a special focus on facial procedures and have completed the necessary education and training for high-quality facelift surgery. This type of board certification also means that the surgeon is knowledgeable and skilled in the latest techniques and equipment involved in facelift surgery.


Experience is a vital criterion in choosing the right facelift surgeon. It ensures that the surgeon can handle all kinds of situations or complications during surgery. An experienced surgeon has performed numerous facelift procedures for all types of patients, both men and women, with a high success rate. When selecting a surgeon, it’s recommended that you ask about the number of facelift surgeries that the surgeon has performed.

Aesthetic Sense

The aesthetic sense of a facelift surgeon must coincide with the aesthetic sense of the patient. This ensures that the results achieved will satisfy the patient. One way to evaluate a surgeon’s aesthetic sense is by looking over the before-and-after facelift photos of the surgeon’s previous patients. Results should look subtle and natural.

Patient Reviews

When choosing the right facelift surgeon, you should read reviews from previous patients. This will provide an idea of whether the patients were satisfied with their results. Patient reviews also give information on how the surgeon handles patients during every step of the facelift process, from the consultation through the facelift operation all the way to post-surgery care.


Safety is always the main priority when it comes to choosing a facelift surgeon. All surgeries, including facelift surgeries, have risks and complications that may occur during and after the procedure. The patient must ask about the facelift surgeon’s infection control protocol and how they manage complications during surgery and recovery.


Every facelift surgery is a significant investment. The patient must look for a facelift surgeon who offers reasonable financing options. This will include convenient payment options and coverage from insurance partners.

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Your Consultation

Having a consultation does not mean the patient is automatically choosing that particular surgeon for the facelift surgery. It is simply part of the process of choosing the right facelift surgeon. Arranging consultations with several potential selections is highly recommended in order to get a better sense of the surgeon.

The patient will start by discussing their concerns and expectations with the surgeon. How the surgeon answers questions, gives recommendations, and handles the patient during consultation will give the patient an idea of their suitability.

The patient is encouraged to ask the following questions during facelift consultations:

  • Am I a good candidate for facelift surgery?
  • What surgical technique would you recommend for me?
  • What preparation is required before surgery?
  • What can I expect during surgery?
  • What is recovery like after surgery?
  • How long is the recovery period?
  • When can I see the results?
  • What are my options if I am dissatisfied with the results?

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