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The glōtherapeutics Concept

Revolutionize your skin

glōtherapeutics is a revolutionary breakthrough in skincare and chemical exfoliation treatments. Their systematic approach is based on established research in combination with new scientific discoveries. glōtherapeutics’ unique and advanced formulations provide potent concentrations with high levels of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin and offer the ultimate in Revolutionizing Your Skin.

At the core of the brand is the glōComplex, consisting of spin trap, carnosine, amla and niacinamide. Infused into our formulations to further enhance product performance, this powerful blend accelerates results while preventing free radical damage, combating inflammation, supporting skin structure and revitalizing the skin.

glōChemical Exfoliation
glōChemical Exfoliation provides the ability to customize treatments for each individual client to achieve subtle, gradual or astonishing transformations. Our belief is to properly exfoliate the skin while repairing, rebuilding and renewing to assist during the healing and regeneration process.

Antioxidant Power
The high level of antioxidants in the glōtherapeutics products are needed and required. Free radicals are a natural byproduct and are also caused by the skin’s immune response to injury. If left uncontrolled, free radicals will attack new tissue inhibiting the skin’s ability to renew itself properly. glōtherapeutics contains an army of antioxidants required to defend against different types of free radicals to ensure a healthier skin.

Systematic Skincare Solutions
glōtherapeutics skincare products deliver a systematic approach to prepare for a chemical exfoliation and to care for skin following a treatment. Our products are blended with superior and distinctive ingredients that are chirally correct, pharmaceutical-grade, and are free from dyes and parabens. glōtherapeutics believes in exceeding expectations and maintaining a high standard of quality in all formulations.