Breast Asymmetry (where one breast is smaller than the other) is very common. Most women have a slight different between their breasts, but for some the asymmetry can be significantly pronounced (a cup size or more). This breast asymmetry can make many women feel self-conscious and cause problems finding bras and clothing that fits comfortably. Breast asymmetry can be corrected in one of two ways, either by reducing the larger breast, or increasing the size of the small breast. If the asymmetry is such that the nipples are at different heights, one of the nipples can be relocated to create a more even and balanced breast appearance.

Physical balance and self-confidence can both improve by correcting a signification breast asymmetry. If you are  tired of feeling self-conscious about the uneven appearance of your breasts, contact our office to schedule your consultation today to find out if a breast augmentation or breast reduction may be right for you.

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