Facial rejuvenation is a balancing act.

If you chase every wrinkle and zap away all of your spots, but something still doesn’t seem right, it may be a matter of unbalanced facial proportions. Without proper proportions, one area can prevent the face from seeming in sync, which is where facial balancing comes into play.

According to Encino, CA plastic surgeon George Sanders, MD, facial balancing involves the strategic placement of fillers or fat injections into volume-deficient areas. “It’s not about flooding someone with filler, but rather looking at their unique face and creating a customized plan.”

The Importance of Facial Balance

The Key to Natural Beauty
Facial balancing is finally getting the attention it deserves, thanks to a greater emphasis on universal facial rejuvenation. Scottsdale, AZ facial plastic surgeon Kelly Bomer, MD says that with appropriately balanced features, a holistic sense of symmetry and harmony results in enhanced attractiveness. Northbrook, IL plastic surgeon Michael A. Epstein, MD agrees, adding that aesthetically beautiful faces have specific proportions and relationships between different features.

“A well-balanced face gives the impression of natural beauty without any obvious signs of cosmetic procedures,” says Kirkland, WA facial plastic surgeon Daniel J. Liebertz, MD. “With the often overzealous use of fillers, many patients now seek a more balanced appearance to avoid an overfilled look.”

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