What is facial fat transfer?

Facial fat transfer, also known as fat grafting or autologous fat transplantation, is a procedure in which fat is harvested from one part of the patient's body, typically areas like the abdomen or thighs, and then purified and injected into areas of the face to restore lost volume and plump specific areas. A facial fat transfer procedure can restore volume, enhance facial contours, and smooth away wrinkles and hollow areas while repairing skin quality due to the regenerative effect of natural fat.

Benefits of facial fat transfer

  • Utilizes the patient's own fat, reducing the risk of allergic reactions.
  • Offers a natural-looking result.
  • Addresses multiple facial areas in one session.
  • Long-lasting results compared to synthetic fillers.
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What is the procedure?

The facial fat transfer process consists of three main stages:

  • Harvesting: Fat is gently extracted from the donor area, usually the thighs or abdomen, using a small cannula.
  • Purification: The harvested fat is then purified, ensuring only healthy fat cells are used for reinjection.
  • Injection: Using specialized syringes, the purified fat is meticulously injected into the target areas of the face, sculpting a youthful and rejuvenated look.

The procedure may be performed under local or general anesthesia based on the patient's preference and the extent of the treatment.

What can facial fat transfer treat?

Facial fat transfer can address a range of facial issues, including:

  • Hollow cheeks: Restores fullness to sunken, aged cheeks for a youthful contour.
  • Sunken temples: Replenishes volume loss, creating a balanced forehead and brow area.
  • Under-eye hollows: Diminishes the appearance of dark circles and tired eyes.
  • Age-related thinning lips: Enhances volume and fullness, giving lips a naturally plump appearance.
  • Naturally thin lips: Enhances lip volume and symmetry without synthetic fillers.
  • Nasolabial folds: Softens deep laugh lines for a refreshed look.
  • Facial scars: Elevates indented scars, smoothing skin's surface.
  • Aging hands: Restores volume to hide prominent veins and tendons.
  • Wrinkles and fine lines: Plumps up the skin, smoothing out age-related lines.

Individuals considering the procedure should be in good health and have realistic expectations regarding the outcomes. A consultation at Liebertz Plastic Surgery can determine your suitability for the treatment.

What is the recovery time?

Post-procedure, you can expect to experience some swelling, redness, and mild discomfort in both the donor and treated facial areas. These side effects typically subside within a week. It's crucial to follow post-care instructions provided by Dr. Liebertz to ensure optimal results and reduce the risk of any potential complications.

Results are typically visible immediately after your procedure. The final enhancement will require a few weeks to months as some of the transferred fat gets naturally absorbed by the body. An average of about 50-70% of the transferred fat survives, leading to long-lasting results that last for several years or longer.

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Why Choose Liebertz Plastic Surgery for your facial fat transfer?

Dr. Liebertz's extensive training in advanced facial plastic and reconstructive surgery at the prestigious Emory University ensures he has the expertise and artistic vision required for this delicate procedure. Trained by world-renowned facial plastic surgeons, he has honed his skills to provide results that look natural while preserving the unique characteristics of each patient's face.

What does facial fat transfer cost?

The cost of a facial fat transfer at Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay can vary based on the extent of treatment and other individual factors. During your consultation, our financing department can provide a detailed cost estimate and discuss the available payment options.

Are there risks?

As with any surgical procedure, there are inherent risks involved. Potential complications for facial fat transfer include over or under-correction, asymmetry, infection, or unfavorable scarring. However, when performed by a skilled and experienced surgeon like Dr. Liebertz, the risks are minimized.

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