What is a mini neck lift?

A mini neck lift could be the ideal alternative for individuals yearning for a more defined neck and jawline without undergoing a full neck lift. This procedure addresses concerns such as a double chin or sagging skin. Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay in Kirkland offers this minimally invasive procedure that holds the power to dramatically transform your neck's appearance, granting it a refreshed and youthful line.

How does it work?

After administering general anesthesia for a pain-free experience, tiny incisions are discreetly positioned behind the ears and beneath the chin. The magic unfolds as excess skin and fat are meticulously removed, followed by the tightening of the platysma muscle. The incisions are sealed with precision, with the surgery typically completed within an hour.

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Is a mini neck lift right for me?

The prime candidates for a mini neck lift are those experiencing early to moderate sagging of the neck skin. Individuals with a pronounced sag might benefit more from a traditional neck lift. Key attributes of an ideal candidate include good health, realistic expectations, and a motivation to enhance one's appearance. It's important to note that lifestyle choices, such as smoking, can impact the outcome and healing process.

What can a mini neck lift treat?

  • Double chin: Reduction of excess fat beneath the chin.
  • Sagging skin: Tightening and removal of loose skin from the neck.
  • Jawline contouring: Enhancing definition at the jawline.
  • Platysma banding: Addressing vertical neck bands caused by sagging platysma muscles.
  • Turkey wattle: Smoothing and tightening of loose skin on the front of the neck.
  • Excess neck fat: Removal or reduction of fatty deposits in the neck area.
  • Early signs of aging: Addressing minor to moderate signs of neck aging before they become more pronounced.

Remember, the effectiveness of a mini neck lift in treating these concerns depends on the individual's anatomy, skin elasticity, and specific needs. Consult with Dr. Liebertz to assess the best treatment option for you.

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Your journey begins with a consultation

Every successful transformation starts with understanding, and this begins during the consultation phase. This is the time for you to discuss your concerns, and your wishes and understand the potential of a mini neck lift. The condition of your neck, skin quality, and aesthetic goals play a pivotal role in crafting the best approach for you.

What is the recovery after a mini neck lift?

The recovery involves some swelling and bruising, which is a natural part of the healing process. While many can resume their daily routine in just a few days, it's crucial to avoid vigorous activities for a couple of weeks. Follow Dr. Liebertz's tailored recovery guidelines to ensure a smooth healing phase and the best possible results.

How long will a mini neck lift last?

A beautifully contoured neck can elevate one's confidence, making the mini neck lift an attractive choice for many. Although the results are long-lasting, typically about ten years, the hands of time keep moving. To maintain and further enhance your results, you may consider other treatments or procedures down the road.

Your investment in self-care

The investment for a mini neck lift can vary based on individual needs. Factors influencing the cost include the complexity of the procedure and specific concerns being addressed. Remember, it's not just about cost; it's about investing in a renewed sense of self.

Additional procedures

Many clients choose additional procedures for a more comprehensive level of facial rejuvenation, which may include surgical procedures (such as eyelid surgery, chin augmentation, or rhinoplasty) or non-surgical treatments to restore and enhance skin quality. 

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Why choose Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay?

  • The ultimate in patient safety: Dr. Liebertz boasts an impeccable safety track record. He never compromises patient safety or health, strictly adhering to every medical guideline and protocol.
  • Certified excellence: Every procedure is carried out by licensed professionals in a state-certified onsite operating room, ensuring the highest standards are consistently maintained.
  • Natural results: Dr. Liebertz's surgical outcomes consistently yield younger, more refreshed, and vibrant appearances. Our patients glow with a newfound confidence, capturing the essence of their natural beauty without drastic change. If you're seeking rejuvenation without a complete alteration, you're in the right hands.
  • Commitment to compassionate care: At Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay, our dedication transcends mere medical procedures. We pride ourselves on delivering compassionate, ethical, and top-tier facial plastic surgery services to the Greater Seattle community.
  • Unparalleled service: Our mission is to set a gold standard in patient care. This commitment resonates not just with our patients but also with our referring physicians. Our team, consisting of highly trained, knowledgeable, and empathetic professionals, ensures every patient feels heard, understood, and valued.
  • Community-centric: Our patients are more than just clients; they're our friends, our neighbors, our family. This close-knit bond with our community drives us to hire staff whose values mirror those of our practice. We're not just a clinic; we're a family dedicated to the well-being of our community.

When you choose us, you're choosing a practice that cares deeply, operates with integrity, and consistently delivers outstanding results. Welcome to Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay — where you're not just a patient; you're family.

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