What is upper eyelid surgery?

Rejuvenating your eyes can make a world of difference in restoring a youthful, refreshed appearance. Over time, the eyelids may droop or appear to bulge or appear “hooded.” Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, addresses these changes, ensuring that your eyes truly mirror the vitality you feel inside.

Reclaim your youthful sparkle with upper eyelid surgery

Blepharoplasty isn’t just a procedure; it’s a transformative journey that enhances the beauty of your eyes and refreshes your entire facial aesthetic. As one of the leading facial plastic surgery procedures, it is imperative to have it performed by a trusted, board-certified facial plastic surgeon with a reputation for excellence. 

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Who is the ideal candidate for blepharoplasty?

Ideal candidates for Blepharoplasty are those who seek correction for drooping eyelids or puffy bags under their eyes, hoping to achieve a younger, more rested look. It’s suited for individuals from different age groups, from young adults dealing with hereditary issues to mature patients experiencing the natural toll of aging. Key to a successful outcome is being in good health, not smoking, and having realistic expectations about the results.

If you are struggling with sagging eyelid skin, this procedure is a beacon of hope for men and women alike seeking to recapture the bright, alert appearance of their youth. It’s not about altering your essential identity; it’s about revealing the best version of you, the one that mirrors your inner youthful energy most naturally.

What are the benefits of upper eyelid surgery?

  • Correct sagging or drooping eyelids.
  • Remove excess skin and fat.
  • Enhance overall facial aesthetics.
  • Reduce the appearance of fatigue or aging.
  • To restore peripheral vision in some patients with extreme sagging.

Dr. Liebertz’s approach

As an experienced facial surgeon, Dr. Liebertz’s approach to blepharoplasty is both conservative and meticulous. He believes in maintaining the natural shape of the patient’s eye while enhancing its appearance. Emphasis is placed on a thorough evaluation of the patient’s facial anatomy to minimize the risk of complications.

From a safety standpoint, Dr. Liebertz prioritizes the patient’s vision. During the procedure, every measure is taken to protect vision, and post-operatively, he enforces guidelines to reduce the likelihood of complications.

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What to expect during your procedure?

Typically performed under local anesthesia, this procedure takes about 20-30 minutes. The main focus is often on removing excess skin. The primary incision is made in the upper eyelid’s natural crease, ensuring that scars heal seamlessly and become virtually unnoticeable over time.

Recovery time after upper eyelid surgery

Recovery is generally smooth, taking about 10-14 days. Swelling typically subsides within the first week, while bruising disappears in the second week. We will monitor your progress to ensure you are healing quickly and correctly.

Post-procedure, patients will need a ride home and some assistance in the initial stages of recovery. We recommend specific care routines, including the application of cold compresses and lubricating ointments, to facilitate a smooth healing process, minimizing any discomfort like swelling or bruising. Most patients can resume work within a couple of days and return to full activity after a few weeks. With follow-up appointments, we ensure your recovery is on track and are always here to support you every step of the way.

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Follow-up schedule:

  • Day 5: Suture removal.
  • Week 6: Routine check-up.
  • Months 3, 6, 9, 12: Routine check-ins.

Scarring from an upper eyelid blepharoplasty will initially appear pink or dark but will fade beautifully over six months, becoming virtually invisible after a year. 

Combining procedures

For holistic facial rejuvenation, many patients choose to combine upper eyelid surgery with a facelift or neck lift. This ensures a harmonious, naturally refreshed look for the entire face. 

What does upper eyelid surgery cost?

The cost varies based on the specifics of the treatment plan and other factors, such as surgical time and anesthesia fees.

Your journey to a refreshed look starts here

If you’re interested in rejuvenating your eyes and boosting your confidence, schedule a consultation with Dr. Liebertz at Liebertz Plastic Surgery at Yarrow Bay. Experience safe, effective, and tailored blepharoplasty in Bellevue.

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About Dr. Liebertz

Handpicked as one of only 46 surgeons worldwide for advanced training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Liebertz is an expert in short recovery time facelifts, rhinoplasty, and facial injectables. Let his expertise guide you to a naturally youthful you.

Long-lasting, natural results

Blepharoplasty offers a fresh start: the results are not only immediate and transformative but also have enduring longevity. While the aging process continues, imagine the satisfaction of looking energetic, youthful, and refreshed! 

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